A Bigger Catalog for 2019

As we are putting the finishing touches on the 2019 Moose Utility Division catalog, we are excited to let everyone know that next year’s version appears to be bigger and better than any of its predecessors. We’ve added some new plow systems to our offering along with some exciting changes to our blades that are sure to turn the industry upside down. We’ve also added some other new products that keep the budget-conscious rider in mind as well as updating applications for items that you depend on from MUD on a daily basis.

The catalog will be releasing at the Parts Unlimited NVP and Dealer Showcase at the end of August and we’ll be shipping copies to your local store prior to that. Of course everything will also be online so make sure you are visiting our website often and getting your regular updates. Please also share this information with your fellow riders, although you might want to wait until you get yours first! We don’t mind if you have a competitive advantage over your riding buddies. We’ll be here for all of you when you need us and you’ll never regret it when you Demand The Brand!
Be sure to stay tuned to http://www.ghanabizfinance.com/ for the latest updates, gear and accessories. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the most up-to-date news from Moose Utility Division.

Open Houses
Be sure to stay tuned to these posts for an upcoming dealer open house in your area.

Polaris RZR & General UTV Hub Caps

Moose Utility Division has long been known for offering a plethora of parts and accessories from the most basic to others on the high-end of the spectrum. We pride ourselves on making sure we have all of your needs covered and love the fact that we have come up with a number of products that are quick and inexpensive ways to make your machine run, and look, better.
One of the latest items we are offering is our OEM replacement Hub Caps for Polaris RZR’s and General model UTV’s. It’s pretty obvious that many of our fans are using their units in harsh conditions and many times your original ones can get lost or broken. We made our replica plastic wheels so they will simply snap into place should either of these scenarios happen to you. We offer them in Black, Red or Blue to color match all models and you can check them out here http://www.ghanabizfinance.com/