Replacement Parts for your Machine

The winter season can mean many different things to our ATV and UTV fans. Some of you are busy plowing snow, some of you have chores to do around your property and still some of you have just put your machines to bed during the cold. Regardless of what your plans are, it’s the perfect time to do some general maintenance so when spring comes you are ready to go.

Moose Utility Division is a great source for replacement parts like filters, bearings, CV boots, gaskets, brake pads and so much more. We’re also the first place you should think of when you are looking for the coolest new accessories. Our website is updated weekly with new products at affordable prices, so don’t forget about those as well. Your first move is to check us out and tell all your friends to do that as well. We are proud to be your first and only choice for the finest ATV and UTV products on the market.

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547X Wheel

There are many tire and wheel manufacturers that have entered the game in the recent past, but not many of them can boast the offering that Moose Utility Division does. Regardless of whether you own a heavyweight ATV, or the biggest of UTVs, chances are we have something to fit your needs. Tires and wheels are a great way to upgrade the look of your unit, but they can also increase performance as well. Our 547X Wheel is the latest in our complete lineup.
The 547X is built to meet the demands of the woods, deep mud or sand and it handles load capacities from 675 pounds all the way up to 1,150 which meet, or exceed, all current market requirements. As is the case with all of our wheels, the 547X is 100% x-rayed on the production line to ensure quality and reliability. Center caps are included with each wheel, but lug nuts must be ordered separately and you can see the full line-up here